Sex, Health and Society (SHS) Hub

Our hub goes further to examine the interplay between social psychological theoretical perspectives and social issues. Much of our research examines the self and social identity; particularly from the perspective of members of socially marginalised groups. SHS Hub conducts cutting edge research across a variety of topics in social, environmental and organisational areas.

Research streams:

Health and Well-being
We aim to investigate the role of social identity in health and well-being, to understand the various ways in which an individual’s social connection and social identity affect their health and happiness. It is hoped that this extensive research will improve the understanding of the various factors influencing health and well-being so that a more holistic approach that considers social connection is considered.

LGBTIQ Health and Well-being
We aim to advance knowledge of the lives of LGBTIQ individuals and communities, particularly as they relate to health and well-being including experiences of sexuality and sexual health across the life course, from young people to older people.

Sexuality, Health and Education
Sex is an integral and important part of human experience and this area of research examines the diversity of expression of sexuality and sexual identities. It also explores issues of gender.

Social Identity
SHS’s social identity research looks at various stages of life transition, and how these periods can be supported through the maintenance of existing social connections, or the development of new ones.

Current Project

Spark* Project (webpage under construction) is an initiative where we aim to provide a safe space for Malaysian youth to access comprehensive and inclusive sexual education. The content of sexual education is curated based on Malaysian youth interests. To bring the best out of the events, the Spark* Project organising team has struck numerous conversations with young people of different backgrounds to understand Malaysian youth needs for sex education. The team also worked with professionals from the relevant fields to support in terms of professional knowledge of sex in Malaysia cultural context.

Research Hub Members
Ellern Eng Hui
Brendon Ban
Ayngaran Ganesan
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Brendon Ban
Managing Director, Research and Development